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A day at the Hill School with Jonas Stakeliunas


Jonas Stakeliunas was entirely unfamiliar with the NCAA when he arrived to the United States.

He came to the U.S. in pursuit of a better education than he was receiving in his native Lithuania, as well as to experience American culture and play the American style of basketball. College coaches took notice of the 6’8” Stakeliunas during his first summer in the United States. After learning more about the American college system and the NCAA, Stakeliunas decided he wanted to stay in the United States to pursue a college education and further his basketball career. He received a handful of Division I offers during his time. Stakeliunas achieved his goal when was accepted to play Division I basketball while attending Dartmouth College.
“Dartmouth is everything I’ve dreamed of in a college,” Stakeliunas said. “It has an excellent academic reputation and the basketball coaching staff is passionate, and playing Division I basketball gives me the chance to achieve something at a high level.”

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